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Elizabeth Taylor Quote, "I Don't Have a Short Temper, I Just have a Quick Reaction to Bullshit". I love this quote !

Going To Flip Out

"Don't make me flip my bitch switch." - Wednesday Addams The Addams Family movie movies meme

Yup how i feel with my job! Lol

You mind if I leave early boss? I'm coming down with a bad case of f*ck this place /// epidemic.

You think I’m ocd? Well I think you’re a slacker

You think I’m ocd? Well I think you’re a slacker

.Trust me, you can dance.

Trust Vodka funny party dance drunk lol vodka alcohol funny humor funny quote funny quotes--I have heard this lie before

Being an adult from www.lolwall.co

After giving it a lot of thought // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - So true!

Cryptic status's

Morgan Freeman Meme: Actually, no, my post wasn't about you. But if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that bitch up and wear it.

Maybe add another snack too. @rebelcircus #rebelcircus #meme #funny…

If you're waiting for me to give a shit, you better pack a lunch. Hell, pack a dinner & midnight snack while you're at it.

Comebacks, Book Jacket, Book Cover Art

A degree in the school of hard knocks can be arranged.

Good Judgment comes from Experience and experience, ~ well that comes from poor Judgement. " Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

Your already in love with me , you stalk me so why not kiss my ass.

I"d tell you to kiss my ass, but I'm pretty sure you'd fall in love, and then I'd never get rid of you.


I did learn. The older you get the faster you learn the lesson.

Yes very!

so glad I was young and stupid before camera phones and social media