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Kaito × Aoko, Shinichi × Ran,  Heiji × Kazuha

Kaito × Aoko, Shinichi × Ran, Heiji × Kazuha

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Detective Conan Magic Kaito Kaito Kid Nakamori Aoko Satō Miwako Takagi Wataru Tōyama Kazuha Hattori Heiji Kudo Shinichi Mouri Ran Edogawa Conan Haibara Ai Yoshida Ayumi Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko & Kojima Genta

I LOVE this!!

I LOVE this! What an awesome DC character chain, and it ends perfectly! Of course, if they included every character in the series, the chain would go on for five or six feet of scrolling, at least.

Shinichi and Ran Love 4ever!

Episode “Shin'ichi Kudo’s Childhood Adventure” Before watching this episode, on a scale of how much are you looking forward to seeing it again? Little Shin'ichi and Ran!

Detective Conan Hattori Heiji

Hattori is the best in the anime he is kudo's best friend.