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Pit, no matter how much she looks like it, Samus is not Viridi. Also, anyone else want a Samus Morph-Ball beach ball now.TO KICKSTARTER!

smash ladies by samus aran space warrior:

super smash bros Samus Palutena little mac wii fit trainer

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Yes I'm a bad boy so I like bad girl (BTS, war of hormone)

u Dun GoOfEd

joe-lasko: “ slewdbtumblng: “ kindahornyart: “ “ When you’ve been married for a while, you’ve got to try different things to spice up the marriage. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Looks like Peg has learned this the hard.

VIDEOJUEGOS UKIYO-E - Cuando los videojuegos se mezclan con la apasionante mitología feudal japonesa

Too good not to pin :D Classic video games in a Japanese art style.

Samus and little Mac

Samus: Hey Little Mac, bet you can reach something that isn't as tall as me? Little Mac: (growls) can you stop making fun of my height? Samus: I can't I think it's adorable.

Super Smash Bros 4 - Merry Christmas! by Creamsouffle on DeviantArt

Poor Luigi, all alone in the last panel. Love Ike's Rudolph costume XP <<< This has to be my favorite comic of Super Smash Bros I've seen