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花費2500小時所捕捉令人驚嘆的雪花照片│ Don Komarechka | 62Icon

花費2500小時所捕捉令人驚嘆的雪花照片│ Don Komarechka | 62Icon


Disappointed you didn't get a white Christmas? Here's a chance to take a VERY close look at snow

Physics professor Kenneth from California Institute of Technology has been studying snowflakes since Using a special device, he shows us what they look

Wilson Bentley's snowflake photos circa 1902

The strange tale of the Snowflake Man

- Wilson Bentley's snowflake photos circa Bentley took more than photos of snowflakes, some of which are in the Smithsonian’s collection.

1 | Amazing Closeups Of Snowflakes Give A Little Glimpse At How Awesome Nature Is | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Amazing Closeups Of Snowflakes Give A Little Glimpse At How Awesome Nature Is

Snowflake macro photo: Asymmetriad, relatively small stellar dendrite crystal with simple structure, sparkling on bright brown-blue gradient background in LED back light

" I wouldn't trade places with Henry Ford or John Rockefeller for all their millions! And I wouldn't change places with a king: not for all his power and glory. I have my snowflakes!" - Wilson A. Bentley, Jericho, Vermont (1865-1931)

Snowflake Bentley: first ever pictures of snow crystals by Wilson A Bentley go on sale

Wilson Alwyn Bentley ( 1865 – 1931 ) was the first to successfully photograph the structure of a snowflake.

Kenneth Libbrecht uses a photo-microscope to capture the unique beauty of snowflakes.

Snowflake Shapes Shine Under The Microscope

Masaru Emoto's The Secret Life of Water

Masaru Emoto's The Secret Life of Water

"Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley, Occupation: Snowflake photographer, DOB: February DOD: December COD: He died of pneumonia at his farm on December after walking six miles in a blizzard so he could photograph more snowflakes.

"We are like a snowflake, each different in our own beautiful way.

Amateur photographer Alexey Kljatov uses a simple Canon PowerShot to capture these pristine photos of snowflakes.

12 stunning snowflake photos you won’t believe were taken by an amateur photographer

they are photographs of snowflakes taken by self-taught Moscow photographer, Alexey Kljatov.

Beauty in a tiny snowflake

The photo of this snowflake was captured by Kenneth G. Libbrecht using a specially designed snowflake photomicroscope. I love the true beauty of real things.