Craft organization projects

Vertical coffee can storage for string & twine, complete with a ruler on the side to measure out the perfect length

Sew Many Ways...: Sewing/Craft Room Ideas and Updates...

: Sewing/Craft Room Ideas and Updates.These boxes are Propel water boxes. I just glued strips of fabric on the outside of the box and used the pipe straps again for the handles.

mug/cup tree to hold the essentials ;)

Sew Many Ways.: Sewing/Craft Room Ideas and Updates. Coffee Mug "tree" holds scissors and rotary cutters. She has some really nice ideas for a sewing/crafting room!

Garage Turned Art Studio, I started working professionally as an artist and needed a studio. I have several children so I work from home. We converted the garage to the studio. The space is broken down into areas - biz prep inspiration drawing painting gallery. , Prep area - prep painting subsurfaces as well as do other creative projects. , Garages Design

Two-Car Garage Turned Art Studio Floor to ceiling cubes for storage.If only my hubby would let me turn our single car garage into a studio!

Wrap your fabrics around sheets of cardboard and stand them up in a tote.

Fabric Organization on the Cheap - girl.: Pre-cut cardboard sheets to wrap fabric for storage & visibility.

Sew Many Ways...: Sewing and Craft Room Ideas and Updates...

Next is a drying rack idea I use for fabric. I have it hanging on wreath holders over the door. Using a drying rack is great to keep ironed fabric neat, but it also frees up space when it hangs on the door.