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Hildewintera Humkes Röschen

Hildewintera Humkes these use to be my beautiful aunt paganis favourite, always masses of potted cacti everywhere.



Lobivia famatimensis v. bonnieae

Echinopsis bonnieae f. aurata (old name: Lobivia famatimensis v.


Cactus Rebutia pallida - cacti often have pretty plain bodies, but then have huge, bright flowers!

turbinicarpus - gülser

Turbinicarpus mix includes 10 seeds of random species and not just ones you see on images.

Cactus.   ("Rebutia pygmaea torquata.")     From Chrome research:  "Accepted Scientific Name: Rebutia pygmaea ( R.E.Fr.) Britton & Rose Cactaceae ... Aylostera torquata (F.Ritter & Buining) Mosti & Papini."

") From Chrome research: "Accepted Scientific Name: Rebutia pygmaea ( R. Aylostera torquata (F.