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No one knows.

Levi or Jesus? Well I'd have to say Levi because Marco is already freckled Jesus

The Cast of SNK

((If you know everyone described here, welcome to the Attack on Titan fandom.wait doesn't died describe everyone he hehe sorry that was Uncalled for WHERE IS THE "EYEBROWS" ONE

Japan is me every time i hear marco

<< NOOOO<<that wasn't HALF as bad as I thought it would be.<<< I hate you… no never mind that was actually pretty good //*Cries with Japan*


Lessons from Attack on Titan. This pretty much explains life, yah know? Yell a…

FUCJ YEAH IN YOUR FACE BITCHES IM LEVI *flips table* << Lol I'm Pisces! I get mah fav characer!

This is totally wrong, Levi is definitely a Virgo, and a lot of the others are wrong too

Screenshot to see which one you got!

SnK-Memy! (✔)

Take a screenshot. Karma(me) got: Skill: Logic Branch: Military Police Rank: 3 Deceased: Brother Lover: Levi Shifter: No Kills: 16 solo 20 team Admirer: Levi Status: Alive (I got lucky on the Levis)

noo XDDD

In yo face Mikasa!no offense to the eren x mikasa shippers,but i ship eren x levi! <<<< yesss Eren x Levi for life, at first I was like ew Mikasa and Eren, no but then Levi saved this art.