Plant bulbs in old stumps.

Creative Handmade Garden Decorations, 20 Recycling Ideas for Backyard Decorating.LOVE this idea for tulip bulbs in the stump in the front yard garden!

14 Interesting Ideas How To Decorate Your Garden With Tree Stumps

14 Interesting Ideas How To Decorate Your Garden With Tree Stumps

You can reuse a fallen trees and turn them into a cool flower planters for your garden or patio. Check out these Cool Tre Stump & Log Ideas!

What a creative and inspiring way to decorate a tree stump!

Recycling tree-stump for planter and decorating with flowers .this is really a terrific idea! The only thing I need to know is what do you use to hollow out the tree stump so I can fill it with soil?

How to Make Tree Stump Planters by terry

How to Make Tree Stump Planters. (I like using tree stumps still affixed to the ground by roots after a tree is cut down, with the center scooped/carved out -- it looks a lot prettier and much more natural)


12 maneiras de transformar troncos de árvore em "vasos" para flores

You've probably at one time or another been stuck with a tree stump or two in the landscape. Why not use them to your advantage? A tree stump planter for flowers could just be the ideal solution.

Glasses are old bike wheel!  How clever!!!!

Dress up an old stump! I so want to do this if I ever have tree stumps in my yard

Stone Flowers Garden Art. Such a cute idea. If you have easy access to stone pieces (which I do), you can make these yourself.   :)

Stone Flowers Garden Art Hand Chipped Sandstone Flower (love the dragonfly)