Star Wars E Vii Bocetos 30

ILM has released 45 pieces of Star Wars: The Force Awakens concept art images, some of which show a very different movie then ended up on the screen.

Sci-fi Spaceships — alphamecha: STAR WARS Rogue One- TIE Striker by...

LightWeight Frame Everyone excited for Rogue One! haha I had the pleasure of working on both The TIE Striker and. STAR WARS Rogue One- TIE Striker

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ArtStation - ILM Art Department Challenge - The Ride, Nicolas Gardeazabal

I designed this one for round 2 of the ILM competition a few months back.   It is sleeker TIE interceptor design for the Crimson Guard.

ArtStation - Crimson Guard Interceptor with Body Armor, by Jake Gumbleton

Walker Encounter Created by Robert Balderson

Walker Encounter Created by Robert Balderson. I completely forgot that there is a well known artist with last name of Balderson. I don't know that he's related or how he is, but will find out eventually in research. And Star Wars!


Millenium Falcon - More rendered Star Wars OC. The clouds in this one look a bit like Bespin to me.