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Yes!!! Except... Shouldn't that be 3 "knocks" on each Penny? XD

Knock knock knock PENNY Big Bang Theory Keychain by dalilicequeen

The big bang theory, Jim Parsons

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For the Love of Spock is a documentary presented by the son of Leonard Nimoy. It explores how he became the most iconic figure in science fiction.

One of my favorite Big Bang Theory moment

How many times does Sheldon say ''BAZINGA'' during the ball pit scenes the scene at the end) - The Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz

best line of the season finale. i love sheldon! so clever.

sheldon cooper - Do you need some aloe vera? cause you just got burned.

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56 Quirks Of Sheldon From "The Big Bang Theory" That Make Him One-Of-A-Kind

Penny gets free Wi-Fi. Big Bang Theory

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Penny: "Hey Sheldon" Sheldon: "What can I do for you ladies?" Penny: "You have something we want" Sheldon: "Oh dear. My mother warned me this is what happened to pretty boys in the big city." - The Big Bang Theory

Oh what fresh hell is this?

Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) ~ Some days this is the only appropriate question to ask.


The Big Bang Theory- Ah, Gravity thou art a heartless bitch. Sad but true!


Perfect crossover - just have Sheldon walk into the throne room, approach Jeoffrey as he sits on the Iron Throne, have Sheldon give him one of his 'looks' and say this.