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Ville Hermanni Valo <3

Ville Valo (black/white photos) - Ville Valo - Фотоальбомы - HIM .

Ville Valo. ♥♥♥. #VilleValo #HIM #HisInfernalMajesty

Kata / Finland"The less sex I have, the more inspiration I have for beautiful songs.

#Finnish singer Ville Valo ... #eyecandy

Thanks to Kelly for sharing another photo from the new shoot, this time Ville solo.

VHV... I just kissed the screen hahahaha!! OMG I need help hahahaha

I just kissed the screen hahahaha! OMG I need help hahahaha

Ville Valo. ♥♥♥. #VilleValo #HIM #HisInfernalMajesty

Ville Valo. ♥♥♥. #VilleValo #HIM #HisInfernalMajesty


Some of my fav Ville pics, I have a lot more but yes It's ville he is always beautiful Some Ville-Mige love: Some Ville-Burton love: If a photo is yours let me know :)) Edit put 2 more photos to it