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Do you ever get the feeling people are slowly forgetting about you and replacing you?

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nobody knows what i feel. Cause if you were feeling joy, then no one will ruin it for ya. if it's other wise, then try your best and be happy! ( not by faking a smile!

Learn to always show people love, but also learn that people will not always show it to you, so learn to be independent, cuz people are innately selfish and will let you down.

Anime Quotes People won't always love you the way you want to be loved.

I don't even watch Tokyo Ghoul, and I love this. ~I love Tokyo Ghoul ❤️ Love this quote as well { Freshour}

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I finally found this anime thanks to my amazing sister. It time hours but it is called mawaru penguindrum


Wining is loosening and loosening is winning you can have both but only one , but in the end it'll always work out

Si quelqu'un vous a menacé ne dites pas "pourquoi moi?" dites "essayez moi"

Tokyo Ghoul~ Kaneki Ken// I'm trying this on so many people from now on

Sometimes i thought I really matter for someof my friends ... But then I realized then I only exists when they need something

Oh, sorry. I forgot that i only exist when you need something. -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/Oh, lo siento. Olvidé que sólo existo cuando se necesita algo.

Side of themselves

Side of themselves Isn't that Kyoko Hori from Horimiya? I love that Manga with all of my heart❤️