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Favorite tweet by @leonoristel

くろむ@背景練習中 on

animal ears bike shorts blue eyes blush cat ears cat tail collarbone cowboy shot eyebrows eyebrows visible through hair hair between eyes heterochromia kida kuro mu looking at viewer original otoko no ko shiro (kida kuro mu) shirt shirt tug short hair

She has snow hair and beautiful green eyes. She is a trouble maker and does anything to help Aquamaria and Celestia to be better performers and tries to repair their friendship. She is the daughter of Zeus.

Cara de cuando te gusta un chico

She likes the quiet only her own voice satisfies her. She likes ice cream and baking she is really good at baking pies cherry, apple and blue berry pie. She likes watching the sunset Mais

Oh My god i don't know why this picture is so famous i got 318 save this pin.

My favorite character has always been Orion. He's so adorable.

Orion is so cute so he basically helps some though out her whole time switching worlds he's so freaking to cute to die for cute