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Vintage Enamel Pansy Ring | 14k Gold Pansy Ring | Vintage Stick Pin Ring | Vintage Pansy Ring | Purple Pansy Flower Ring

Vintage Enamel Pansy Ring Gold Pansy by Trademark antiques. Because I lived in Pansy :)

Who's up for a trip to Disney World?

35 Disney Products That'll Totally Make Your Day

This llama potion necklace you should make sure doesn't get into the wrong hands lest you have a Emperor's New Groove-esque coming of age adventure.

Hawaiian Unique Wedding Ring Rose Gold LOVE ! Outfits, Outfit Ideas, Outfit Accessories, Cute Accessories

Floral Wedding Band, 14K Gold Band Ring, Flower Wedding Band Ring Size 6, Women Unique Wedding Jewelry Gift, Hawaiian Gold Wedding Ring

Up cycle clothespins for beautiful jewelry pieces! I will Defidently add clothespins to my jewelry making stash!

Finding Beautiful Jewelry Without Breaking The Bank

DIY Clothespin Jewelry DIY Clothespin Jewelry - This is great for upcycling the metal clips of broken clothespins! Such wonderful project!

Michael Kors Assorted Rings | LOLO❤

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