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Astronauts Frank Borman and James A. lifted off aboard this Gemini VII capsule. Their primary mission was to show that humans could live in weightlessness for 14 days, an endurance record that stood until Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum


Get information on the Epsilon Launch Vehicle. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) performs various activities related to aerospace as an organization, from basic research in the aerospace field to development and utilization.

How Apollo Worked | The science showing that flight to the moon was possible was worked out in the 17th century, but it took until the mid-20th century for engineering and technology to advance enough to make it happen.

How Apollo Worked Diagrams and NASA artwork show how Apollo astronauts flew to the moon.

Apollo 1 disaster

Remembering the Apollo 1 Fire (Infographic) NASA Space Disasters & Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee, Ed White Human Spaceflight Risk & NASA Spacecraft Safety

Skylab’s Orbital Workshop (NASA Archive, 01/01/70) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr.

Assembling floor grids on the upper and lower floors inside the Skylab Orbital Workshop

If our Sun were near the center of NGC 362, the night sky would glow like a jewel box of bright stars. Hundreds of stars would glow brighter than Sirius, and in many different colors. Although these stars could become part of breathtaking constellations and intricate folklore, it would be difficult for planetary inhabitants there to see -- and hence understand -- the greater universe beyond. NGC 362 is one of only about 170 globular clusters of stars that exist in our Milky Way Galaxy. This…

Astronomy picture of the day - 2017 October 11 - Star Cluster NGC 362 from Hubble

Rocketumblr | LK Soviet Lunar Module

destroyed-and-abandoned: “ The Soviet Moon Lander built to beat the Americans to the moon. Found abandoned in a Lab in Moscow… ethan_kahn: “album Soviet scientists were well ahead of their American.

The Golden Age of NASA: every US space mission from Mercury to the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.

Every US space mission from Mercury to Apollo-Soyuz with astronauts color-coded by selection group./ have you ever wondered why we have never had a manned space mission outside the earth's orbit in over 40 years?