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Belle and few other villagers from Disney's Beauty and the Beast when they were maybe around age Bimbettes still probably think all boys are i. Kids of a quiet village

Heavy reading by ~TaijaVigilia. Hee. I used to be able to carry all of my textbooks in one bag, all day, no problem; every once in a while I'd accidentally leave my bookbag too far out in an aisle, and someone would try to lift it out of the way, and basically pull themselves to the floor

Heavy reading by ~TaijaVigilia on deviantART -- Yep, this is how books work for me, too. They are feathers in my arms and then someone else tries to grab them. The strength of readers.


about the art: This is (obviously) the version with the background. Belle with Background

Belle in black and white by TaijaVigilia on deviantART

Line art for the swirl-bordered Belle picture. character (c) Disney Belle swirls line art