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Tibetan cavalry armor, 18th to 19th century, possible Bhutanese and Nepalese elements, iron, gold, copper alloy, wood, leather, and textile, assembled based on photographs taken in the 1930s and 1940s in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa during the Great Prayer Festival. The photographs showed troops of ceremonial armored cavalry, who wore a standardized set of equipment as stipulated by the central government of Tibet probably from the mid-seventeenth or eighteenth century onward. Met museum.

Chinese armor and weapons they used when they were in the war in the olden days.

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A century Tibetan Cavalry armor found via the metmuseum. Here is the decryption of the armor. “This figure has been assembled based on photographs taken in the and.

He is a warrior...

invictascientia: “Reenactment of Ottoman archer, modeled after a figure in the Topkapi Palace.

1878 armored diving suit

Deep sea diving suit patented by the Carmagnolle brothers in the This steampunk looking suit is indeed Victorian.

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Spring and Autumn Period (Circa BCE.) - West Zhou Dynasty Warrior (BCE 11 century - BCE - Warriors of the Western Zhou Dynasty wore this type of cloth armor, made of thick wadding clamped to the body, circa

Jin Cataphract: Iron Pagoda Horsemen | Ember on Patreon

UNIT: Medieval Chinese Cataphracts 铁浮屠 -Prince Wuzhu and Battle Record

Tibetan lamellar armor and helmet, 17th c or earlier, Iron, leather, textile, unusually complete,  twice as many rows as similar armors, the only example in a Western collection, one of the few in the world, that has full armored sleeves. Similar sleeves of this rare form have also been found in the ruins of Tsaparang, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Guge, in Ngari (western Tibet),  very complete and well preserved eight-plate lamellar type helmet.  National Museums of Scotland.

Lamellar Armor (ca. Century CE Tibetan Armor) (National Museums of Scotland)

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Tibetan helmet, possibly c. the distinctive helmets were made to match the armors and are likewise associated only with Tibet or the Tibetan cultural region. Like the armors, this type of helmet is constructed of iron plates joined by leather laces.