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Mine lurks in the corner and frightens everyone (it's awesome), but sure we can go with that

From SNSD's concert VCR. The second-hand embarassment with this grandpa is real <- XD

did channie actually say this

exo showtime kai chanyeol i don't think this it real but i laughed so hard

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I seriously laughed so hard at the first one until I got to "no but I did write your name in the death note " 😂

Tao's face when he rapped kris part on baby don't cry - it's so hard because when I see Tao, I see Kris ㅠㅠ

"Tao's face when he rapped kris part on baby don't cry- Tao is so caring and it's so sad to see this they really cared about kris man" so sad :(


Baekhyun is wearing his hair style proudly XD // it's probably the wind tho.