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Focus: &New :: TENT LONDON

“a contemporary furniture brand created by a British-Finnish design duo Jo Wilton and Mirka Grohn. Distinctly modern with elegant lines, &New uses powder-coated steel with different woods to produce a variety of furniture. The clean lines look great ag

25 Different & Inspiring Product Designs | UltraLinx

A remanier pour faire une "partition" sur roulettes The lack of space for books is so astonishing that I cannot in good conscience call it a bookshelf, but it is an innovative and attractive decoration. Perhaps a room divider or window screen of sorts.

hytnnovation: “Weightlessness © Eugene Tomsky ”

Weightlessness by Eugene Tomsky - Weightlessness by Eugene Tomsky, an industrial designer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is a table that looks as though it were in the process o.

360 Degrees Foldable Garment Rack | furniture . Möbel . meubles | Design: Anonym Design |  Nomess |

Designed by Anonym Design, the foldable 360 Degrees Foldable Garment Rack from Nomess in Copenhagen is made of solid ash; go to Nomess for ordering information.