AAT Battle Tank #MidweekPedia DESCRIPTION: The marriage of repulsorlift technology and heavy armor has resulted in formidable floating tanks known as AATs. These assault tanks form the frontline of Trade Federation armored infantry divisions, as well as Separatist forces during the Clone Wars . A crew of battle droids drives the battle tank and operates the array of laser and projectile weaponry carried by the vehicle.

The Armored Assault Tank, also known as the AAT battle tank or the Hover Tank, was an.

T Series Tactical Droid

T-series tactical droid

Clone Trooper Deluxe: 212th Sixth Scale Figure

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A red armored assault tank

The Armored Assault Tank, also known as the AAT battle tank or the Hover Tank, was an.

General Kalani a Super Tactical Droid

Battle Droids

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CIS Octuptarra Tripod Droid, which would participate in many battles. In some instances it could replace units such as AAT tank to fight off the Clone Army of the Republic.

Jagged-Class Royal Stormtrooper Armor - posted in Approved Technology:  	  	  Standard Combat Variant       Spec-ops/recon variant       Combat Medic Variant       Heavy Weapons Variant       Desert Operations Variant       Arctic Operations Variant       Scout Sniper Variant       Close Quarters Combat/Guardian Variant               Intent: To create a collection of standard armors for the...

Suited up for Long Term Missions in a Desert Climate, just my take on a Clone Trooper, thought I'd call em Sentinels. This was pretty much a Guinea Pig .



also known as simply was an EV-series medical droid and mechanic owned by General.

COMMANDO DROID / Battle Droid Upgrade #MidweekPedia DESCRIPTION: similar to the B1 battle droid series, notable changes include 2 white photoreceptors, in addition to the long head being shortened to half its original size. Unit leaders, which were known as the Commando droid captain, were fitted with white marks on their brows and chestplates. The captain would also have a vibrosword. The droid commandos were built to be substantially faster and stronger than a regular battle droid.

The BX-Series Droid Commando, more commonly known as a Commando Droid, was a dangerous droid.