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It would be cool to make something like this for the backyard or even the front

Something like this would look cool in my Sister's garden. Her Hubby fixes up old cars.


For Harley riders in the house. A Harley rocker for when your riding days are over, or when just the ride of the day is over.

OOOOPS !!!! Dr.T.F.Yandell,DC 407-327-0410 www.drthomasyandell.com

Video Footage from Central News of my austin mini BBQ i made, wait till the end for the perfect timing

1957 Chevy front made into a bench with working headlights and park lights

1957 Chevy front made into a bench with working headlights and park lights


This distressed iron provide VW fans with a great retro look. Photo via RecyclArtLU.

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This would be perfect if i never get my dream car ( A Checy bellair).I could always just buy parts of one. Ford bench with front bumper and grill. Working lights and cup holders.

Need More Seating in Your Garage? Then This Tailgate Fold up Bench Could be For You

This could be a really cute serving bar if done up with a vintage tailgate on a patio or deck space?

Chevy grill turned into matchbox cars shelf!

Check out this cool way to display your Hot Wheels cars using the grill from a Chevy.

The Amazing Pictures » The Most Amazing Pictures On The Internet. » Broken Down Old Bus Turned Into An Awesome Office

Now this is a unique office design! A section of an old Hungarian bus converted in to a tiny office! Old Hungarian Ikarus Bus Turned into a Creative Office : Old Hungarian Bus Turn An Office 001