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I'm Learning To Share!: Hi-Fi in Fiberglass! - The Motorola Calypso portable record player, 1957 print ad

Here we have gathered some amazingly designed Vintage Ads that show how far we've come to portray the thinking and concept of old designers. Vintage ads are

1950 TV ad, via http://clickamericana.com/holidays-seasons/christmas/the-straight-facts-about-color-tv-1950

The straight facts about color TV (1950

Vintage Motorola TV ad: The perfect present for Christmas in

Vintage Pepsi Machine

Vintage Pepsi Machine I remember paying 10 cents for a cold bottle of pepsi…

Turqouise portable TV sets were the new thing to have in 1958; Motorola ad

1958 Motorola Americana Portable TV Ad-gee maybe if mom finishes her domestic duties she can enjoy the tv too

PANASONIC Rx-5500 Boombox Ad "Stereo's With A Handle"

Uniqlo brings outdoor roller skating rink to NYC's High Line Park

once upon a time opium was a standard over-the-counter medicine "For relief of headache, pain, cramping, excitability, and women's discomforts." - Envers du Decor

~ Opium for relief of headache, pain, "excitability," “women’s discomforts.” alcohol and 3 grams of opium per ounce.

Plaid Stallions : Rambling and Reflections on '70s pop culture: Back to School Shopping Part 2

Plaid Stallions : Rambling and Reflections on pop culture: Back to School Shopping

Vintage 1950 Zenith Console Television, Radio and Record Player not shown in the cabinet under the Radio.

Orange Crush [1960s)  My grandpa would let us have ONE of these on a weekend visit to their house ... it was a BIG treat to us !

Orange Crush Orange and Grape Crush. always so appealing when I was little. Probably not totally evil like modern pops.