Gil Kane,artist for Marvel and DC Comics for many years. He co-created the Silver-Age Green Lantern and Atom for DC as well as Iron Fist for Marvel. A prolific and gifted artist through out his lifetime.

And here's my favourite of the Archie Goodwin / Gil Kane sunday Tarzan serials, as he leads a disparate group of malcontents through hostile territory, all of whom refuse to work together, with the bad guys in hot pursuit.


This book has 36 pages and was uploaded by Henry Peters / Ontology on November The file size is Publisher is American Comics Group / ACG


Man from Atlantis (Sept. NBC) starring Patrick Duffy as 'Mark Harris' — 1978 comic book,

Mystery Comics Digest The Twilight Zone

Mystery Comics Digest The Twilight Zone

Creatures on the Loose by Gil Kane

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Creatures on the Loose # 13 by Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers & Marie Severin

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