That's me to my friends. Especially When the book is in HoO series. I hate people who read pjo but didn't have the decency to read the second series My friends trying to make me read divergent

I always get shocked when people say that.

One time some people in my class were getting really surprised cause this one guy finished a book in 5 days, and since I'm quiet I was just sitting in the corner like, I finish books like that in a day

I am NOT addicted

Skip the Crunches: 7 Ways to Work Your Abs Standing

50 Signs You're Addicted to Reading. K- read these, you will laugh when you see how true they are!

If you think reading is boring..

If You Think Reading is Boring, You’re Doing it Wrong


Add your fandom to the chain<<<< The Gravity Falls fandom.<<< VenturianTale fandom, FNAF fandom, and The Maze Runner fandom. And you said my other fandom already.

]*continues to read*  All their faces stuck in thier phones- *huffs* And no app- *throws book*WHAT ABOUT ME

Hi there. I herd you wondering if anyone from this generation reads. Yeah let me introduce you to my personal library/bedroom/bat cave.

Why,Thank you! (Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Hunger Games again,Star wars? , and Percy Jackson)

Thank you so much for not using the movie Annabeth ! (Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Hunger Games again, star wars, and Percy Jackson)

if you're gonna threaten me, do it properly.>>If you want it to hurt, you have to be accurate

20 Things Bookworms Hate Hearing

if you're gonna threaten me, do it properly.<--- can we take a moment to appreciate that the other is properly labeled as Peasant<--Uhh. Wouldn't Muggle be better though?

You think this is a great thing?! ( it actually kinda is)

Hhhhh ohhhhkeeeeyyyy mmmm I'm gonna die if I wear this thing about some of the stuff our character have been through tho