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This is every conversation I have ever had with non-Whovians. Y'know....aside from "What's Doctor Who?"

So much truth. Also ive had people tell me "the Christmas episode"

"Hey There, Delilah" Doctor Who edition. EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY.....: What kind of satanic cult possessed you to do this!/ Still too soon.

"Hey There, Delilah" Doctor Who edition. EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY the only version of this song ill sobbingly sing in my head:'(


you know what's funny is I had a little gold ladybug pocket watch as a kid and I would take it with me everywhere, but the clock never worked haha it didn't tick, so I tucked it away somewhere saying id fix it one day

Nobody ever knows what I am talking about.

Whovian Soulmates

The moral of the story is watch Doctor Who. You'll make friends and meet your soul mate.<)/ I ship them xD.

The song of my people!

Whenever my Dad puts DW on on Netflix. Or I hear the Sherlock theme song. Or Carry On My Wayward Son.

The TARDIS noise is really just "Accio Nerds!" more like accio awesome people!

Hahaha summon the nerds. I would totally go running into the classroom. ((If I become a teacher, I am going to show my students Doctor who every Friday. HEhehe, we will summon all the whovians))

Jack from Titanic was a time traveler

We are an extremely WEIRD fandom, folks. Actually that would be: we are an extremely WEIRD set of fandoms, folks.

Yes we are. It got me too. xD

Jack and Rose: meaning different things to Whovians vs. I totally had the same thought process, Jack and Rose werent in the Titanic episode!

AWESOME IDEA << yes. But aren't they forgetting Martha, Mickey, Jack, Donna, Amy (who only crushed on him for maybe three-ish episodes, Rory, AND River?

ohmygosh I want that last idea it would be hysterical (not that I have anything against twenty-ish white girls with a crush on the doctor considering that pretty much describes me haha ;

As my first thought was "so your explaining red light green light"

Lol I played statues as a kid and didn't think of that. We were out to get the lone person too, like red light, green light. now it shall be weeping angels

Being in both fandoms sucks ... yet I love it. #WhoLock

captain lorca stan on

I love this fandom. "Don't be racist" << Bless the catuses! That's racist!