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Eclectus parrots - male and female of this species are two different colors! They are sexually dimorphic meaning you can tell the sex by the markings or color in this case. The male is green the female red.

A vous de jouer ! quelle est l'espèce de ce magnifique perroquet ? :-)

A vous de jouer ! quelle est l'espèce de ce magnifique perroquet ? :-)

O sburatoare cu un tablou care numai Natura stie sa picteze

The stunning Kea (Nestor Notabilis) is a large species of parrot of the superfamily Strigopoidea found in forested and alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand.

My world

Birds in love - Reminds me of how one should always feel protected by their lover, not frightened or harmed.

Rainbow colors Dove

Feathers and Fancy - colorful bird photography - wings dove - nature - decorativ. - Cool Science And Nature Photography

Electus Parrot

Electus Parrot

Une famille de perruche dans un arbre à Colombo au Sri Lanka.

Les animaux de la semaine

Não basta ser galinha, tem que ser piriguete...

Funny pictures about Let's go girls. Oh, and cool pics about Let's go girls. Also, Let's go girls.

Razão de viver....                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

I had a female of these Eclectus pair, these are the most beautiful. Males are green and females are red

Blue Jay~ in all his glory

"The Winter Blues" Blue jay photo by Denis Mark. I love seeing bluejays on a snowy day.

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