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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (Giveaway)

Doctor Who! Can't wait to meet We're really happy that you're joining our family Peter Capaldi!

This is beyond words. Too gorgeous

We can go anywhere through time and space. The Doctor and Rose Tyler, in the TARDIS, just as it should be. ~ Seven years since Doomsday. Let's just take a moment of silence in memory of the moment our hearts broke.


Doctor Who & Christopher Eccleston (I could& also pinned this under my Travel Bucket board, :D&

This guy use to give me nightmares when my brother watched it in the 80's. The theme song sends shivers down my spine! Probablywhy I don't watch it now.

Fourth Doctor postage stamp, and Tom Baker's opinion. / someone in Britain needs to send me some of these stamps.

Japanese Ghost presents... Doctor Who Mash Ups- Okay the Transformer and the Peter Pan are by FAR my favorite. LOVE THIS!

Doctor Who mashups. Note: I do NOT approve of the Family Guy, Simpsons, or Adventure Time mashups.

4th Doctor (This is one of the reasons he's my favorite. "I say! What a wonderful butler; he's so violent! Hello.")

Fourth Doctor

4th doctor and Sarah Jane.

ksc How could we ever forget our Sarah Jane. Best companion ever in my opinion ☺♥♥