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Il bello del nostro lavoro...è il dopo!‪#‎estate2015‬ ‪#‎homeParty‬ ‪#‎lovissimo‬
Yes, amen! That's what matters in the end!
wow. If he did, that would be an even funnier way for insulting and crushing people's dreams
Boii I would too but seriously there's people that are seeing idols and celebrities in real life and not even knowing who they are whereas there are people like me and are international fans that can't even be in the same country as their idol like how lucky can a person be damnnnn.
a potato (also dannyboy most of the people you flirted with in that video were dudes, trying to tell us something??) sidenote: dan can do whatever the fuck he wants and he doesn't need to make a coming out video and we have no right to invade his personal life and ask about things that he doesn't feel comfortable talking about thank u
It's your brokenness that God will use, not your flawlessness. There's something so unapproachable about people who seem to have never had a struggle.
I just. 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER EVERYONE. Yes these are the people I idolize,, ♡♡ ◆5 Seconds Of Summer◆ ¤5SOS¤
Michael how does it feel to know that you are such a idol to many people around the world? xox
He was a mixed bag, like all of us. He had his tender, warm, loving moments, but he was also an S.O.B.    - Phil Stern

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