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This would be AWESOME!

I actually started this at a cast party last night because I knew I was with fellow theatre nerds. Everyone joined in and Zane started waving a blanket as if it was a flag.

Most casual revolution ever - Les Miserables

PART 59 (two more weeks until Arrested Development!)

Most casual revolution ever - Les Miserables "I dreamed a dream and it was okay.

So I realize mob rule ain't the way to go and I know all about the doctrine of interposition and the differences between the American and French Revolutions...but...could Enjo and Marius like, show up in Washington D.C. or SOMETHING?! Please?!?! Like, could they lead a Tea Party? PLEASE?! Because I can't take much more of these "swells who run this show!" coughboehnercoughcough

Get on losers…

Mean Girls + Les Mis and for fellow infernal devices fans, don't you thing the top two guys look like Jem and will

i used to think that line was funny toooo! Haha, Joly moment! He's a doctor, so, yeah...

i used to think that line was funny toooo! He's a doctor, so, yeah. < i mean he's a medical student but sure

Enchanted/Les Mis. I have just met you, and I love you.<--Does anyone else think that Marius looks absolutely terrifying in the last one??

His eyes in the last frame tho. He's just like "jk, ima start a revolution tomorrow morning"