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New Ethereal Worlds Encapsulated In Wood and Resin Rings

The jeweler Secret Wood (previously) has been producing even more miniature cities and landscapes, each ethereal universe living inside a resin geometric dome on top of their handmade wooden rings.

Blossom Forest

Ethereal Blossom by Secret Wood


Tiny little worlds trapped in resin that you can wear around your finger.From Secretwood

22788791_1099009676868866_2012217890780521617_n.jpg (564×564)

This past spring we became enamored with the handcrafted accessories of Secret Wood, a Canadian shop that encases tiny, exquisite worlds in rings made of clear resin and wood. Their beautiful designs

Ethereal White Flower  While snow may cover the earth, the keen eye will still find these unearthly fine winter flowers. This ring is made of clear resin and wh

Enchanting miniature worlds inside wooden rings by Secret Wood - Ego - AlterEgo

Ethereal White Flower

Ethereal White Flower Forest is a ring made with wenge wood, a dark tropical timber, which is heavy and hard, clear jewellery resin, white flower and “snow” tha

Just one today, but this one is huge :) Made from Australian Rib Fruited Mallee wood and two shades of orange resin BoldB.etsy.com  #pendant #necklace #wood

Just one today, but this one is huge :) Made from Australian Rib Fruited Mallee…

Casa Kiro (The Carrotbox - rings, rings, rings!)-See the rest of the post and more photos/designers here.

Casa Kiro (The Carrotbox Jewelry Blog - rings, rings, rings!)