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summoning charm key chain!!!

Oh how many times I've wished for this spell. Harry Potter Keychain or Zipper Pull Accio Keys made by foxwise

Neville Longbottom: master of the puberty spell

weird, if you reverse that, you have the story of my life. minus the hot part. yeah, minus teh hot part.

Marauders Map Iphone Case... Want!

20 Harry Potter Gifts For The HP Fan In Your Life (Or You

harry potter humor | El Descanso del Escriba: Los alineamientos de D&D y...Harry Potter

Harry Potter Alignment Chart - do you agree? What's your alignment? I'm true neutral like my fave.

We are the Harry Potter generation

I am part of the Harry Potter Generation. I grew up with the books and movies and it has played a huge role in my childhood.


I know mine got lost. Lost Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, customizable with your information, complete with your bedroom location in the house. I know a few people who would love to think that their letter just got lost and has finally made it to them.

I got "Fleur Delacour"!

Buy Some New Clothes And We'll Tell You Which "Harry Potter" Girl You Are

Which of the Great Wizarding Schools do YOU belong to? I got Hogwarts, Needless to say I was excited.