Belle and Mrs. Potts when they were at Hogwarts ;-)

Harry Potter / Mean Girls Mash-Ups Prove Regina Would Totally Be In Slytherin

"Ginny and Harry have a very true and honest relationship. It was fun to try and work out how to put that on the screen with Dan and Bonnie. Both did an incredible job" - David Yates

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In honor of the first book's anniversary, we've picked our favorite characters from the Harry Potter franchise.

Hermione, Ron, and Bill. Don't know where this pic is from but it's very sweet

Bill Weasley, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger - The Weasley Family Photo - Fanpop .

He knows how it feels Ron. He really does.

It's amazing how much pain Harry has experienced yet remained selfless and always putting the fate of the wizarding world above his own needs.

ron and hermione

I don't understand why people ship Harry and Hermione, Ron’s a sweetheart. Hermione and Ron are meant to be.