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Layne Staley.  :(

Alice In Chains lead singer Layne Staley.Probably one of my favorite musicians, he was very underated.But had some of the most deep and meaningful lyrics around, he was kinda like a poet in a way.

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Layne Staley by Mark Seliger A really great vocalist-captured the pain and distortion of the lyrical content written. Rest In Peace Layne

Layne looked so good at this performance. PERFECT!!

Layne looked so good at this performance.

May you both rest in peace...Mike Starr & Layne Staley

RIP Mike Starr & Layne Staley of Alice in Chains - Mike is wearing a Pantera Cowboys From Hell t-shirt!

Layne Staley

"You my friend, I will defend, and if we change well, I love you anyway." — Layne Staley, Alice in Chains