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Lettering craft 15

Journal cover by Jennifer Wick. Delicate letters stacked to spell Notes intertwined with florals creates a beautiful and inspiring notebook. Typeface: Bodoni and custom lettering

Something to keep in mind...

Today's design inspiration is a poster which uses a lot of neat techniques that I thought I would feature.This poster has a few techniques for a unique look

4 minutes

Daily Dishonesty is Lauren Hom’s daily design project where she hand-letters all of the lit­tle lies she tells her­self through­out the day.

Always keep going #Quotes ☮k☮

Have faith and a burning desire to just keep on going no matter what happens. - Typography inspiration Don't really relate to the militantism or grave ness. I think faith can or supposed to be fun.

twloha: Artist Bryan Patrick Todd created this... | Official Tumblr of To Write Love on Her Arms.

Very pretty lettering. Bryan Patrick Todd: Everybody Matters for Boys Girls Haven (via Designpiration Design Work Life)

avant didot

This is a very proper but slant typeface that i really like. Its like seeing this typeface at a store in the the mall, and the background is very plain but bright and i also like how close the letters are

So Far, So Good.

So Far, So Good.