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Who says diamonds are a girls best friend? Never owned a pitbull

Scars --- People that fight dogs, should be thrown in the pit for the dogs to have their way with them!!!

that pitbull smile. and proud to know this awesome pibble! best kisses ever!

my heart aches for animals in a shelter..  some day i want to live on a huge piece of land and rescue them.

Save a baby! Please Dont shop at pet stores, flea markets or mass breeders! There are many sweet fur babies of all types at your local animal shelter and rescue programs waiting for their forever homes!

Want to help keep pets in their homes, reduce unwanted litters, save lives, and encourage responsible pet ownership? Read on!

Want to help keep pets in their homes, reduce euthanasia and unwanted litters, and encourage responsible ownership? Then it’s time to focus on supporting pet owners in your community!

So true!

No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. so true

All three of our dogs have different stories, different personalities, & different ways of showing love! Don't expect your dog to show love a certain way and you'll see love in every thing they do!

Kelley: animal control officer in Florida. Jedi: AKC German shepherd puppy. Together they learn the world of conformation and obedience dog shows.

Unless you are willing to have a forever dog, dont get one. My forever dog is snoring in my bed right now :)

Amen! Stop blaming the breed! Blame the shitty human for treating the animals so badly!

There is no such thing as a bad dog. Only a bad owner. pitbulls are only as mean as you make them

OMG! Break my heart into little pieces!! I'm glad he's looking so good now! I hope he feels good, too, and feels loved beyond all measure!! 

Breaks my heart :( never ceases to amaze me what a great home, good vet, quality for and TONS of love can do! Go adopt an abused animal today! Always rescue!

Being a mother… by BlackOrchid

Being a mother…I love this! I have not yet been blessed with children of my own, but I do have a sweet fur-baby, who I love with all my heart!

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The best part of the day is coming home to a wagging tail. (or wagging "stub" as in my case;

Made for hugs.. not thugs!

Omg I want to hug him! Pits are GREAT dogs. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners