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Nature by Centchi.deviantart.com on @deviantART the bottom one is like me! but with baby pink hair and sparkling enchanted pink eyes big over exaderated wings, tail and horn! and opal here and there!

Sunset Beam & Dusk Dream (up for adoption ) (adopted dusk dream by lord of the waffles )

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Hi im neon beats. Im 18 years old.Im a DJ and i live with techno beat.I like the color neon green and i like to party.

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OC Challenge: Midnight Rhapsody by ArcadianPhoenix

Silver Duskstreak, Cloudy Flame, Ribbon, Cloverstripe, Chocolate Malt, Glaze Gleam, Deer Gallop, Neon Bolt, Water Wisp, Splatter Stumble, Silk Heart, Lily Mango, Crystal Shine, Sky Rider, Cotton Candy, Aura Bleu, Lollipop Berry, Emo Night, Rainbow Spectrum, Lion Blast, and Doodle Black, all 17 or 18

UP FOR ADOPTION comment who you want and ill give you one and its name. 9 10 16 and 19 are adopted by Twilight Starla Sparkle. 5 is mine.

belize by tsurime on DeviantArt

belongs to Miss-Callie-Rose ! the adopt wave. here it comes i'm going to japan in a month, pls help me pay for it HAHAH petal prancer is the embodiment of joy, springtime and being .

Zebra Princess by Saurabhinator.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hello, I am Zebra. My mother is Zecora and I love her, but I am more modern than her. I like making potions so I can help ponys that are lost. My special talent is that my horn glows when someone is lost and I can teleport to find them.