The Dark Hedges by Pawel Klarecki by songwriter chalam

Misty Morning at The Dark Hedges in County Antrim, Northen Ireland. ~The Dark Hedges is an avenue of 300 year old beech trees. A beautiful place. ~ By Pawel Klarecki on

tea-daze:  2012 Perseids Meteor Shower over the Snowy Rang in Wyoming Photographer: David Kingham

The sky is falling "Snowy Range Perseid Meteor Shower" by David Kingham of the U. was "highly commended" in the Earth and Space category. Kingham combines 23 individual stills to convey the excitement and dynamism of August's Perseid meteor shower.

Starry night

Bill Currier - The Milky Way spreads upward from these trees at Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe. The golden glow is from city lights across the lake.

DOĞA / Nature

For emphasis, I choose this picture. The bright purple on the black and white makes the trees stand out. The bright color makes the trees the focal point of the picture.

A JABUTICABA, também chamada guapuru ou fruita em São Paulo, é o fruto da jabuticabeira, uma árvore frutífera brasileira da família das mirtáceas, nativa da Mata Atlântica.. Outros nomes populares: jabuticabeira-preta, jabuticabeira-rajada, jabuticabeira-rósea, jabuticabeira-vermelho-branca, jabuticaba-paulista, jabuticaba-ponhema, jabuticaba-açu.

I found this grape tree in Hawaii. They tasted delicious! " Brazilian Grape Tree (also known as Jabuticaba) does not use branches to grow fruits. It grows fruits (and flowers) directly on the trunk.

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