Metal Gear Solid 4 featuring Old Snake, Vamp, Liquid Ocelot and Big Boss ;-)

Gray Fox joins the stylized Metal Gear Solid ranks with Raiden and Old Snake thanks to deviantARTist Marc Lee. Choose your weapon wisely… Gray Fox / Raiden / Old Snake by Marc Lee


Painkiller / Redesign / Daniel Garner / 25 years later by Marat-Ars - marat ars - CGHUB

Welele - Tu web de humor, memes, gifs, ví­deos : Foto

Funny pictures about Sir Christopher Lee Is Unbeatable. Oh, and cool pics about Sir Christopher Lee Is Unbeatable. Also, Sir Christopher Lee Is Unbeatable photos.


Let's start this new creative withe chinese artist Zhong Fenghua, working as a concept artist for LOFCG school

jee hyung lee - Buscar con Google

Today, we would like to start our inspiration section with the art of south korean fantasy artist, Jee-Hyung Lee.

Pi1l.jpg (JPEG Image, 1092 × 819 pixels) - Scaled (89%)

Concept artwork for Doom 3 (id Software, Artist unknown… possibly Kenneth Scott?