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Chapter 3 is what we call the Turtle Chapter. It tells the story of a turtle traveling. Some people swerve to avoid the turtle and others try to intentionally hit it. The turtle symbolizes migrant farmers who took their whole home and moved around, unsure

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Symbolic Meaning of Turtles in Different Culture - A Brief Account

A symbol of longevity, protection, order, and creation, the turtle is a revered totem in many cultures. Buzzle helps you to discover the various aspects of turtle symbolism in different cultures.

i want my birthday party to be turtle themed and these would be the cup cakes!

Turtle cupcakes with a surprise inside and royal icing turtle toppers. Find them HERE at Megan’s Cookin’, inspired by Sweetopia’s turtle cupcakes, which I posted about …


The Turtle is a Native American symbol of wisdom, perseverance, creation and a long life. I absolutely love this! Will be getting a turtle tattoo one day. for many reason including this one.