Christian Coma (CC)

I cant believe I was just a foot or so away from him at the concert. Meet & Greets are worth every penny

Black Veil Brides 2013 | black veil brides im winter 2013 wieder auf tour foto mlk com

Cartel de la próxima gira de Black Veil Brides, The Church Of The Wild Ones.

Black Veil Brides CC ♡

Black Veil Brides CC ♡ omg iv died and gone to heaven I Am

-Christian Coma. Don't know him, but good quote.

you can't let fear control you whatever your fear may be - Christian Coma

It's funny how Andy is slowly killing me yet, he doesn't know.

'From shackles made.' Shadows Die, BVB lol it looks like he's saying "for muchachoo"