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Complete armoured Ninja costume, with stunt ninjato sword and hook weapon,from the Last Samurai This costume can be seen in the Way of the Warrior: Epic Movie Arms and Armour Exhibition current .

top outfits:Raglan Sleeve Lace Up Top

Raglan Sleeve Lace Up Top

Nice look, but maybe on leather gloves instead of knitting. Dragon Scale Armor Gauntlets Knitted Scale Maille Elbow Length Custom Made for You>>> would love this for an arm guard ffor archery


Visions of the Future: ACRONYM GmbH — A sculpted, three dimensionally patterned pant derived from traditional military.

This costume is a little overdone for my idea but again the rustic feel is spot on and the weapons are fantastic .

Conforming addons and props for the Wood Ranger for Genesis. This new expansion comes in a set of 3 conforming parts (a hooded cloak with a lot of movem. Weapons, Belts and Quiver

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