Hunger Games: Catching Fire. [The Girl on Fire] I am flipping out. it-is-said

Fan Art: Catching Fire movie poster featuring Katniss' wedding dress that transforms her into a Mockingjay. Whoever designed this has great talent. Can't wait for this!

Hunger Games The Musical. I died at some parts. Love all the Disney and we are the champions almost made me pee my pants

Watch this hilarious video called Hunger Games: The Musical. created by Joseph :) hunger-games-pals

Cinna Capitol Portrait! Another one comes at 6pm PST.... #74thVictor

It's been an exciting week for 'Hunger Games' fans as Lionsgate continues to roll out peeks at all the major players in 'Catching Fire.' The latest stylish portraits to debut feature Cinna on People and Beetee on fan site Mockingjay.Cinna, played by Lenny

I love Jennifer Lawrence so much.

funny-Jennifer-Lawrence-quote-Oscars ♥ I haven't even watched Hunger Games yet, but I ♡ her so much from all the stuff She says. like, Jennifer, get out of my head!

I love Jen

Zach Galifianakis Jennifer Lawrence Between Two Ferns -- Pretty much the best two people you would ever be able to find in between ferns.

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I am a fan of all three of these series, and this is the start to the longest conversation of your *life.*

Books and it's fans

Harry Potter and Hogwarts, Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood.then there's the Hunger Games.

The Best Of Jennifer Lawrence Quotes

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely my favorite celebrity, idol, and girl crush.