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(3) FABERGE eggs__Theo Faberge__"MOSCOWEgg "

Moscow Egg by Theo Faberge - The Imperial City of Moscow and St. Basil's Cathedral were the inspirations for this egg.

Resultado de imagen de historia de los huevos de faberge

Eggs, eggs, Imperial Fabergé eggs and just normal overpriced chocolate ones!

Verdens mest eksklusive påskepynt - Fabergé påskeæg!

The Trans-Siberian Railway Egg is a jewelled Easter egg made under the supervision of the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé in 1900 for Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

Peter Carl Fabergé - Wikipedia

Carved from a solid piece of heliotrope jasper, the Memory of Azov Egg. The surprise contained within is a miniature replica of the Imperial Russian Navy cruiser Pamiat Azova

(3) FABERGE eggs__Theo Faberge__"ODESSAEgg"

Odessa Egg by Theo Faberge

Alexander III Equestrian Egg, 1910

Alexander III Equestrian Monument Fabergé Egg Date 1910 Presented by Nicholas II to Dowager Empress Maria Fyodorovna

Giostra...Beautiful Faberge...Donnine...

Reproduction Faberge Easter Egg with Horse Carousel Trinket Box by Keren Kopal music box


Beautiful Faberge Egg (by House of Igor Faberge): sterling silver, diamond shaped malachite stones, rose design gold exterior & base. Interior reveals a butterfly with colorful wings.

Jajka Fabergé - Są synonimem luksusu i bogactwa. Znane… na Stylowi.pl

Fabergé Egg with turtles pedant turtle inside trinket box by Keren Kopal Swarovski Crystal - FAKE crude work - NOT an Imperial egg!

Blue Faberge Egg with Frog Inside

Faberge Egg with a blue frog Trinket Box by Keren Kopal Swarovski Crystal - Each item is made of pewter

See link for full story Inside is believed to hold a 13 diamond-encrusted woman's manicure set. Similar to this one but the egg has never been photographed so they used this egg as an example of what they think is inside. However, the 13 diamond-encrusted set must be out of this world in person.

Necessaire Egg - 1889 - Gold, diamonds, cabochon rubies, emeralds, a large coloured diamond at top and a cabochon sapphire at point.

The surprise in this egg is a clockwork music box with its original gold key at the base of the egg.  The music box plays "Izhe Khveruviny" ("Cherubim Hymn"), a favorite hymn of Tsar Nicholas II. Miss Meadows' Pearls - Fashion, Photography, Alternative Model, Burlesque, Vintage

(known as both) The Moscow Kremlin Egg or The Uspenski Cathedral Egg - Presented to Alexandra by her husband, Nicholas Il. Currently in the Kremlin Armoury Museum in Moscow.


The Dowager (or Imperial Pelican) Fabergé egg, is a jewelled Easter egg[ made under the supervision of the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé in

Russian Faberge Imperial Collection Vodka

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