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Designer più famosi al mondo - Sony Walkman di Ross Lovegrove

Merlin; The Electronic Wizard. This old, old school!

Merlin; The Electronic Wizard. This old, old school!

on the play ground were I was spending most  of my days, Chillin out , maxin' relaxin' and all cool shootin' some b-ball outside of school , when a couple of guys were up to no good, started makin' trouble in my neighborhood, I got into one little fight and my mom got all scared, and said "Ya moving wit ya auntie and uncle in Bel Air" , I, pulled, up to the house around 7 or 8 , and I yelled to the cabbie "Yo homes, smell ya later!"

on a playground is where i spent most of my days.Will Smith as The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

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Fisher Price Activity Center Retro Toy - I remember that in my crib!

cassette player/recorder. My first one looked like this. I thought it was the best christmas present ever. I was 6th grade.

cassete tape recorder-everyday after school making mixed tapes off the radio!

Dia Projektor

Dia Projektor

Download Free Lite Brite Templates With Different Patterns Online

Lite Brite making things with light. Have a blast making things with Lite Brite. Except my brother and I would say Have a fight making things with Lite Brite!


Remember playing this water game called Aquaplay? It was fun to try & get those rings onto the posts using puffs of water.

Still had mine up til '04 when my sister lent it to a friend and I never got it back. :(

I have owned many video game consoles in my life. The original Nintendo Entertainment System was not my first video game console, nor the last. But like so many gamers who have continued to carry o…

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

#TBT Lexi's Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Who remembers the good ol' Speak & Spell? I don't know about you guys, this toy was kind of cool :P What was your favorite toy growing up?

Who would have thought I toy I had and played with is now an obsession of my son!

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The first Nintendo. I can still see the graphics from the original Mario Bros and Duck Hunt if I close my eyes.