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Pansy Cool Wave Mixed. These delightful pansies are strong growers and will produce lots of flowers. Their stems can trail up to 120cm long and as the plants branch naturally as they grow, no pinching is required. Colours include aquamarine, blue and white, light blue, orange, purple-blue, white and yellow. Fill your baskets, window boxes and pots with them for a sensational spring display.

Cool Wave pansy mix- a tough mix of pansies with plentiful blooms. I'm going to put it with tulips and daffodils to hide the bulbs' spent foliage (hopefully!

Такие конструкции можно использовать не только в саду, но и на балконе.

via Pauline Yvonne West via Noreen Bischler Love these hanging planting bags - I've been using them for a couple of years now - They look great, are easy to plant and can be hung just about anywhere!


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