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Chewbacca bento-Ok I know for a fact that my 4yr old would not eat this but it's still friggin cool!

That’s not chewy noodles… That’s Chewie noodles! But I suppose Chewie noodles could be chewy ones as well… Most people think this post is Awesome!I find this post is:Awesome ()Awww ()Facepalm ()LOL ()Meh ()ROFL ()Uhm ()Wow ()

#prom #inspiration #camillelavie

Winged eyeliner trick: To get the perfect flick in Step hold your eyeliner diagonally on your face from the corner of your nostril up to the corner of your eye. Where the pencil hits at your eye will be the perfect angle for you.

The Oatmeal teamed up with singer/songwriter Sarah Donner to release an animated short that follows the adventures of a (motherfucking) Pterodactyl.

Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal: The Motherf***ing Pterodactyl

A hilarious, profanity-ridden video/song about a pterodactyl. You were warned!


The reasonable "Team Edward" :) Sense and Sensibility. I'm rooting for you Edward! Just get the guts to admit your feelings! But you're a creep when it comes to the ring tho. weirdo :P

All business up front, and *party in the back!*

Cell phone clipped to jean shorts. Camera strap securely fastened around neck. How is he not mine?<<<<<can't stop laughing at this comment

You Cant Control Everything

You can’t control everything…curly hair problems.

love the hair

Don't judge my hair: A collection of impressive hairstyle failures

Thinking about putting your hair up for Valentines Day? I think I found the hairstyle for you. I'm impressed with her volume.

La La La!

A cat sitting on a ladder while yawning with its mouth wide open.