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Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining'.

Jack Nicholson is an American Actor & Filmaker 🏆🏅🏆🎯📹🎞😎😎👌🏾👍

Stanley Kubrick & Garrett Brown: Wizard's got a new wand.

Stanley Kubrick and Garret Brown, inventor of the steadicam, on the set of "The Shining" 1980

Shelly Duvall and Jack Nicholson

Shelly Duvall and Jack Nicholson, "The Shining" American Gothic

Silent Hills P.T.

Silent Hills P.T.

Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in "The Shining" (1980) | #photo

the-overlook-hotel: “ This image of actor Jack Nicholson in the Hedge Maze appears to be a still from The Shining, but it’s not; it cannot be matched to any frame in the finished film.