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I started rolling around and screaming when I read this😂😂

Hehe fluent Chinese, but we already know Adrien speaks Chinese even before they possibly start dating

Hehe fluent Chinese, but we already know Adrien speaks Chinese even before they possibly start dating<<yea.but Marinette does not speak Chinese.there is a VERY LARGE flaw to your head cannon

Alya: Yeah, I mean, she talked about how Ladybug saved her, but I've got actual videos of Ladybug saving me multiple times and basically everyone in our class has been akumatized at some point, and we've all met Jagged Stone too anyway, so I was like "Girl, that's cool, but I've got another identity theory to post, so I'll get back to you."

Adrien=Cat Noir=Ladybugs partner Cat Noir would know if Ladybug saved Lila from an akuma because he would be there Adrien knows she is lying but goes along with it

Or perhaps a cat

Okay we all know Adrien wouldn't give up on Ladybug that easily but he would define tally be tempted and that's why this is so funny

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I love this whole idea of everyone freaking out when Adrian starts flirting with Marinette and her just teasing him

Lees Marichat Sin ❤ #MLWattyAwards - Chapter 20 ~Marinette's POV - Wattpad

Marichat Sin ❤ - Chapter 20 ~Marinette's POV

Miraculous Ladybug has everything you need: mystery, romance, a hot pun-telling blond teenage boy that sometimes wears a skin tight leather suit and makes cat noises

That's not a good reason for a mother to leave her son, also personally I think it's Nathalie

This is the most brilliant headcanon ever OMG >>> omg something about mama Agreste that doesn't make me want to cry

But the wouldn't Adrien/Chat feels conflicted since he knows that LB likes Adrien but Chat IS Adrien 😨😨

Miraculous Love Square. (Miraculous Ladybug)

(Miraculous Ladybug) <-- even though the love square completely took over my life, does it matter? They're all the same people, anyway