Dancer Yamini Reddy of the Classical Indian Dance style Kuchipudi


Shantala Shivalingappa performing the Classical Indian Dance of the Kuchipudi-style. I have seen her perform twice during Spoleto in Charleston. She is incredible and this dance is very beautiful.- said previous pinner.

odissi dancers | indian classical dance

Odisha the land of various culture. Here the oddisy group dance. The delightful culture of dance.

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/24769866676086771/ Bharatanatyam: Indian Classical Dance

A hobby since age 6 .

shobana dance pose 3

Shobana was much famous as a South Indian movie actress and Bharatha Natyam dancer. As a movie actress Shobana acted more than 200 South Indian and North Indian Movies and she is also great actress.


Mislabeled: This is showing up under vintage black and white and I wouldn't have noticed but there was a comment that said this was Katy Perry. They are correct it is Katy Perry from her Thinking Of You video.

Bharatanatyam dancer

Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form from the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu

danielwamba: “Odisy ”

Odissi performance by Sujata Mohapatra. The dance featured is Mangalacharan (Ganesha Vandana)

Love the dress and pose

Cecilia Gómez,flamenco show "Cateyana, su Pasion" - učitelka tance, Andalusia

Apsara dancer

Apsara- beautiful dancing ladies of the Khmer people in Cambodia. Travel to Siem Reap to see the temples with sculpture of these stunning women.