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I would swing high on purpose to knock my cousins off so i could have it all to myself... I was bossy from the start.... Lol

My friend Carolyn & I swung so high we toppled the swing set over.We survived,got the wind knocked out of us. We were much more careful after that incident.

Mrs. Beasley doll - I can still hear her voice:   "Want to hear a secret? I know one."

Mrs Beasley - she was my best friend and favorite doll!

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44 unreal toys everyone who lived in the '80s will remember.

i treasured my doll that looked almost exactly like this one.  they were all 6-12" tall and only some had hinged arms at the shoulders.

Vintage Hard Plastic Native American Indian Girl Doll w/ 2 Papooses Tan 7" #12

Vintage-Hard-Plastic-Native-American-Indian-Girl-Doll ~ got one as a souvenir one family trip to Tennessee.

I still have my Barbie case. It wasn't a double wide. It was a single wide. That's a pun on trailers. Oops...mobile homes. HAHA!

Barbie Doll Case I had so much barbies stuff I had like 4 of these FULL! and still not snuff room

Another Papagallo purse

Plaid Bermuda bag aka Pappagallo Purse (Photo credit: Mable Studios) ~}{~ I had a faux Pappagallo purse, I wanted a real one soooo badly, but my mom wouldn't give in.

3 dolls in one... Red Riding Hood, Granny and if you turn granny's cap over granny's face - the back of her head is THE BIG BAD WOLF!

Little Red Riding Hood Story Telling Doll - Flip it over for Grandma. Pull her bonnet down for the Wolf. I had this doll!

I heard these were called "Weepuls". Whatever! All I know is that I had a few of them! :)

I forgot how happy these things made me in elementary school. We didn't call them weepuls we called the warm fuzzies

I had this same one!  from 80s Kids Rule

Rainbow Heart Plastic Stretch Bracelet Everything was rainbows and hearts…